Added Features: New Front Page + Random Image

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Added Features: New Front Page + Random Image

Postby borisattva » Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:15 am

This latest enhancement includes a Portal (a front page) which aggregates information for better at-a-glance navigation.

Instead of looking at the full listing of Forum Sections, whether or not something has been added to them since your last visit, you'll see a sorted list of most recent Announcements, Most Recent Topics with highest Participation, and Simple most recent Posts.

On the upper right corner you get a tally of all New Posts since your last logged-in session, a list of your own recent discussions, and an instant link to go to those in detail. Any unopened private messages are also shown here. If there are any birthdays on thaht day, they will be displayed right above your avatar (which is a color-filled square if you don't have one assigned).

On the upper right you get a quick link to the main forum index, as well as to the newly fixed and Ported Photo Gallery.

Below administrative announcements we also have a random pic pulled from our gallery, which refreshes upon each visit to this page.

Who knew getting rear-ended by a pick up truck could prove to be so productive :)

Please post your comments/suggestions on the wbe layout and features in the Comments section.

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