KR 51/1 Schwalbe Resto

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KR 51/1 Schwalbe Resto

Postby baron_matt » Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:07 am

Not sure if anyone on here has any experience of the Schwalbe but I'm trying to restore one given to me in a barn find, dismantled state.

I've managed to spend what seems like a fortune on replacements for the missing items via eBray, but still cannot get it to run.

The wiring is in a bit of a mess, but this thing should run without a battery etc? The ignition switch is a bit of a mess and missing key, but appears to be in ignition setting. The bike has no battery.

The frame will need paint and possibly some repair work around the seat mount and the bodywork will need new paint to stop the rust from advancing. My main question is this, should I get the bike running before I fully strip down? If so how much of a rewire would I need to do?

I can get a spark at the plug at kick over, but the state of the engine is a complete unknown and with a new fuel tap, carb and fuel I still cannot get it to fire up. Any advice gratefully received.
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Re: KR 51/1 Schwalbe Resto

Postby MuZeL » Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:47 pm

what happened to your resto project?
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